Producers Groups

Physically Challenged

Recnowa works with the physically challenged by providing opportunities to lift them out of poverty  through sustainable livelihood job skills and fair trading.Artisans with disabilities are trained to produce goods suited to their capabilities.We  also provide hands-on training in quality control,design and product development,guide them in the selection of what sells best and link them with local and international fair trade markets.

Street Children

Recnowa rescues street children enduring hardships from the streets of cities in Ghana  by providing vocational training and marketing skills.Our philosophy of empowering street children is based on the premise that if you give street youth an economic opportunity, they will work their way out of poverty and stay off the streets forever.

Urban Slums Women Cooperatives

Recnowa empowers underprivileged women artisan cooperatives from the slum communities in Ghana through training in income generating activities and life skills to build profitable businesses that generates enough income to support themselves and their dependents

Displaced people and refugees

Recnowa Initiative does not only empower vulnerable Ghanaians but extend our support to refugees and internally displaced people to gain the needed sustainable livelihood job skills that can empower them and integrate them to contribute meaningfully into the society.