A Few Creative Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

Millions of plastic bottles are thrown in the trash every day in the United States. Here are some DIY ideas to make use of empty plastic bottles so that they reduce the negative impact on the environment and also save your money.

Cat Shaped Planters

Do not throw away your 2-liter bottles ever again! You can transform them into cute little planters to decorate your indoors. Here is how to do it.

  • Cut the top 2/3rd portion of the bottle.
  • Use the color of your choice and paint the remaining portion.
  • Cat’s ears can be made from the cut portion of the bottle (The bottle can also be cut in a way that the ears are left along with the 1/3rd of the bottle)
  • Draw the cat’s face and other features
  • Fill it with soil, plant seeds and keep it indoors where light is available.

Supply Cups

Empty bottles can be used to make supply cups. You can use them to keep small items and hence keep your home or office clutter free. They are excellent for keeping kids’ items such as pencils, crayons, etc.

  • Cut and remove the top 1/3rd portion of a bottle. Take another bottle, and cut its bottom. This is going to be the lid.
  • Connect the two portions by using a zipper so that the smaller portion forms a lid which can be opened and closed easily.

Snack Storage Containers

Empty bottles of coffee creamers make excellent containers to store snacks. They are airtight, and they allow easy pouring of the snacks from the bottle. They are also good for carrying snacks while traveling.

Charging Docks

Empty lotion bottles are ideal to make stylish charging docks. Cut the upper portion of the bottle in such a way that it resembles a carry bag or basket with just one handle. You can hang your cell phone in this dock and charge it.

Beach Buckets

Laundry detergent containers with handles can be reused as beach buckets. The process is so simple as you have to just cut it in half. Keep the lid intact and use the portion with the handle as a bucket to scoop sand. Kids would love to play with this on a beach!


Playing with water sprinklers is something which every kid would like to do. Why waste money on sprinklers when you can easily make it at home using an empty plastic bottle? A somewhat big bottle (2 Liters or more) would be ideal for this. Just poke holes in it, remove it lids and attach a water hose to it. Turn the water on, and there goes the sprinkler! Let your children play to their mind’s content!

Watering cans for Garden

Large sized laundry detergent bottles can be used as watering cans to water your plants. Once it is empty, wash it thoroughly. Remove the labels and punch a few holes in the cap, Fill the bottle with water, close it tightly with the cap and use it to water your garden!

Try these ideas to reuse the bottles! They are all so simple!

Home Improvement Using Empty Plastic Bottles

Nowadays a large number of things which we use in our everyday life come in plastic bottles. After using the contents of the bottles, our normal practice is to throw them away. Plastic bottles are non-biodegradable and may cause serious threats to the environment if they pile up in large numbers. Why should we harm our environment when we have excellent ways to upcycle and use them creatively to beautify our home and surroundings? Let us see some DIY ideas using plastic bottles.

Being the most commonly used type, the soda and soft drinks bottles are the ones used in most of the DIY ideas discussed here.

Flower Vases

Spray paint the empty bottles with any color of your choice and use them as beautiful flower vases to decorate your indoors. Metallic colors will give a rich look to the vase and no one would agree that it is a plastic bottle! If you don’t want to spend money on paint, then there is a cheaper alternative. Cover the bottle with a stylish cloth and use it as a vase. It will look trendy and unique!

Indoor Garden

If you cut and remove the top portion of a 2-liter soda bottle, it forms an excellent pot to plant small herbs. You can create an indoor garden using several such bottles. The bottles can be hung or kept on the floor as per your creativity. A self-watering indoor garden can be made by using a 2-liter bottle as it is, and attaching several smaller plastic bottle planters onto it. Fill the bigger one with water so that it acts as the continuous source of water for the herbs in the smaller bottles.

Jewelry Stand

The bottoms of soda bottles can be connected together to make a three or four tiered jewelry stand. Arrange your jewelry beautifully on this stand instead of keeping them here and there. In addition to the beautiful look, the stand lets you scan easily through your items and pick your favorite one.

Craft Organizer

Those who love to do craft work often find the organization of their craft items difficult. Yarn, scissors, tape, marker, etc. are often needed at one place while working on a project. An inefficient organization may waste a lot of your time. Solve this issue by using bottle pieces to store craft supplies. Use transparent bottles so that you can see what is there in each bottle.

Lamps and Lamp Shades

Stylish paper yarn lamps can be made using soda bottles as molds. Plastic bottles can be cut in half, colored or patterned as you like and can be used as light covers. You can go further ahead and try making awesome lamp shades also using plastic bottles.

The possibilities with plastic bottles are endless. All you need is a little creativity and the right attitude to bring out wonders from them! They let you make a lot of gadgets to decorate and organize your home. So, instead of throwing away empty plastic bottles, try out these methods and do yourselves and your environment a great favor!