How To Choose A Shower Screen For Your Bathroom?

Shower screens are replacing the shower curtains that was earlier used in bathrooms. The reason for it is that you can use these shower screens to act as a barrier and prevent water from splashing out of the bathtub. While renovating the bathroom, most people think of installing a shower screen as they can keep the bathroom clean. Check out this to learn more about it.
While you have decided that you want to have shower screens instead of curtains as it looks elegant, there are many things to look for when you are purchasing it. You should choose the design, function and also its accessibility which can get challenging. Listed below are some recommendations that will help you determine a shower screen that is right for your bathroom.

The money you are willing to spend: One of the first things to consider when you are purchasing any product is the budget you have assigned to buy it. A bit of research is needed from your side to set the price you are willing to spend. Often people allocate too less money to a product and end up being disappointed, so ensure you either lookup online or visit stores to come up with a budget that is affordable. Though shower screens price range varies, there are many affordable ones on the market. Also ensure to check the quality of the product as some cheap shower screens are of low quality.

The dimension of the bathroom: The next thing is to determine the space available in your bathroom and its size. Proper measurements of the space allocated for a shower and the area surrounding it should be taken, if you have a small space look for frameless shower screens as they will not have many attachments and hence will fit comfortably in small areas. Sliding doors or bifold doors should is best as they occupy less space.
If your bathroom is big enough, then you have the choice of frameless or semi-frameless shower screens and come in tinted or frosted glass. Look for hinged or pivot doors as you have enough space.

Glass: As mentioned earlier, shower screen comes with clear, tainted or frosted glass options. But whatever type of glass you choose make sure that they are of high quality. These high-quality glasses will meet all the standards of safety set by the glass industry so that they do not break easily. It is recommended that you do not compromise on the glass quality especially if you have kids and they can accidentally crash into it and get hurt. Moreover, replacing a glass is very expensive. Look for toughened glass which meets AS2208 standards; these glasses do not break easily making your bathroom secure.

Less maintenance: Look for shower screens that are easy to maintain. The glass should be easy to clean, and all parts of the screen should be accessible for cleaning. If you feel that you do not have enough time to maintain it, clear glass is the best bet as it does not need a lot of cleaning when compared to tinted or frosted glass and so is the frameless screens.

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