• Over twenty million plastic sachets and other material waste removed from the waste stream and upcycled into useful day to day products.

  • Created employment opportunities for 130 people who are representing a household with an average of about 5 with the knock on effect of about 650 people benefiting directly.

  • Every product we sell reduces land pollution, keeps people employed and serves as a very visible reminder that plastic waste can often be put to good use long after its initial purpose has expired.

  • 78% of our physically challenged artisans, women cooperatives and beneficiary street youth never completed their first year of junior high school but have benefited from our job skills training program which exposes them to training in entrepreneurship,product development packaging,bookkeeping,technology amongst others.

  • 88% of our physically challenged artisans,women cooperatives and beneficiary street youth have a bank account (vs 26% in 2012)

  • 100% of our artisan have mobile phones (vs. 66% in 2012). Through cellular phones, our partners are able to: communicate with clients and coworkers, access market information, and perform mobile money transactions.