Kumasi Handmade Plastic Recycling Initiative

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The Kumasi Handmade Plastic Recycling Products seek to reduce the mountain of plastic waste scattered all over the city of Kumasi, turn this waste into opportunity, and reduce poverty by up-cycling this plastic trash into eco-friendly high fashion products such as tote bags, laptop bags, wallets, rain coats, baby carriers etc. This effort creates employment opportunities for street youths who will be engaged as trash collectors to keep the city clean and hygienic, and also creates employment opportunities for other skilled youths, especially tailors and seamstress, most of whom have completed their trade training, but have still not been able to practice their vocation as a result of the lack of an entrepreneurial mindset needed to start and the inability to raise funds to set up their own businesses.

The project will provide employment opportunities for these talented tailors and seamstresses and enroll them in our three year paid employment entrepreneurship academy that will add value to their skills and set aside a percentage of their salaries to be paid by them into an investment pool that will make savings for them to set up their own small scale businesses after three years of working with us. They will also be exposed to on-the-job entrepreneurship development skills like business management, accounting, marketing, etc.