teiTei Huagie Creative Director

Tei is a renowned Ghanaian and International artiste with regards to painting, sculpturing, and designing. He holds a diploma in Arts from the Ghanatta College of Arts and Design and has over 20 years experience working with various renowned Ghanaian and international artists such as Amon Kotei, and Sowatey Adjei, among others.
An exploratory and eclectic maker/designer by nature, Tei believes that practicing effective design thinking requires a dialogue between an ethical approach, keen observation of daily human actions, and response to needs with innovative working solutions.

He has participated in numerous international exhibitions and has also won several awards. You can find Tei’s work at places such as the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, Canada, The World Bank Headquarters in Washington DC, and also in private collections such as that of Julian Michaels, an architect from South Africa.

In recent times, Tei has had invitations to Germany to hold workshops about his artwork at universities including the University of Luneburge, Rudolf Steiner School, Gymnasium Luneburger Heide etc. Tei Huagie is a member of the Ghana Association of Visual Artists (GAVA) and also a member of the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.

As the Creative Director, Tei is responsible for product development, coordinates our production and artisan-training teams, and oversees a team of highly dedicated individuals who are passionately committed to pursuing their mission of poverty alleviation and environmental sustainability.

kwaKwaku Kyei Global Strategist

Kwaku is a serial social entrepreneur and international small business development consultant. He co-founded the Recycle Not A Waste Initiative and brings experience in youth entrepreneurship, business development in emerging markets, and developing programs for impact. He has learned a great deal about the importance of social activism and the influence one motivated person can have. Seeing an opportunity to do something different with his education and God-given talents, Kwaku has tried to devote his efforts to worthy causes and small business development.

His passion for youth development and entrepreneurship is reflected in his meticulous work to strengthen the organization’s global strategies and operations. He feels social businesses will have the power to mitigate social injustices and suffering on a large scale, both internationally and domestically. He has outstanding skills as an innovative problem-solver.

His business experience is enhanced by high creative imagination, and strong analytical, communication, and inter-personal skills. In his capacity as the Global Strategist, he will be responsible for strategic planning, global fundraising activities, donor cultivation, new business development, working with fair trade shops, and generating new international markets for our products.


annAnnie Cheung Global Fellow

Annie is a final year student pursuing biology and management information systems at Santa Clara University in California, USA. Originally from Salt Lake City, Utah Annie enjoys traveling, learning about new cultures, food, and music. She is interested in pursuing a career and lifestyle that allow her to utilize technological advances to better the lives of the global society, especially in the healthcare field.

As a Global Fellow of the Santa Clara University, Annie will be working with RECNOWA to develop a comprehensive business plan, developing strategies to help us enter into the niche US and other international fair-trade markets. While developing a comprehensive branding and promotional effort and branding strategy to better penetrate the international market with our plastic handmade recycled products, Annie will conduct market assessment of various sales channels and a cost-benefit analysis of internet marketing for our products.

dr_kyeiDr Kwame Kyei – Director of Corporate Affairs

A Global Shaper of the World Economic Forum Kwame is one of the most dynamic young people in Ghana and has had a tremendous impact in helping people with disabilities to be motivated, productive, and successful.He has been addressing the issues of poverty, with a special focus on empowering people with disabilities to aspire to a brighter future, to engage as entrepreneurs and to also move beyond micro businesses into more ambitious ventures all within a society that faces significant hurdles for people with disabilities in the norms of tradition and culture. His personal qualities include team building, project leadership, administration and accountability.

He is a trained medical doctor from Ternopil Medical University and was the recipient of the 2011 Imagine Nations World Business Plan Competition Award and puts his strongly held beliefs to practice in his own life and career.He co-founded the Recnowa Initiative and currently serves as its Director of Corporate Affairs.