Schools Garbage Bank Initiative

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With our commitment to empower children to grow up close to nature in order to become environmentally friendly and inculcate in them the 3RS (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we use our Garbage Bank Initiative in first and second cycle institutions to introduce creativity and good design values to increase student’s awareness of their environment.

Students bring recyclables from home every morning for a total of ten cubic meters/day. Students then receive points in exchange for the recyclables they bring to the bank. Those points can be traded for money to enable students to earn some income while making an effective contribution to environmental protection, or bartered in exchange for some of our educational products like school bags, files etc., made from the recyclables.

The project teaches students recycling and empowers them to make handicrafts from the recyclables using the recyclables brought to the garbage bank by the students themselves.

The ultimate goal is to teach the students the positive effect of up-cycling. The concept of up-cycling is taught to the students as the first step of the program, and uses the knowledge gained to demonstrate their creativity.

These recyclables provide the students with the opportunity to interact with each recyclable hands on, and while the students attempt to discover different ways to put the parts together to make something new, their ability for creative thinking is enhanced.

Students from Lincoln Community College, Rudolf Steiner School, and Gymnasium Luneburger Heide are some of the students who have benefited from our empowerment programs on unearthing the creative talents of students while using recyclables to produce handicrafts.