Tips On Buying Climbing Shoes For Kids

Climbing Shoes For Kids

It is time to transition to kids climbing shoes when you see that your child is slipping off the footholds. Before that, they should have the ability to place their toe on a specific spot and improve footwork. Children’s feet grow fast and buying climbing shoes for them can be quite a challenge. Climbing shoes these days come with unique features that ensure the boots last as long as possible and also grow as your child’s feet grow. With many benefits of rock climbing for kids and adults alike, growing feet should not be the reason your child stops rock climbing. Find more info on such features below.

Durable: It is a fact that kids shoes suffer more rough usage than adults and that is not an exception for climbing shoes. So, it is essential that the boots are durable enough to handle the wear and tear. Many manufacturers are providing rubber not just for the sole but even the toe area. That helps the shoe last longer and can withstand the drag when the kid climbs the wall. The rubber material that is used is more durable and also adds a unique look to the footwear making it attractive to the kids. The rubber that is used in these shoes is much harder than the regular shoes. The benefit of this is that they are not slippery, and it lasts longer, in most cases the child’s feet would have outgrown, but the shoe is still in top condition.

Big velcro and adjustable straps: The climbing shoes for kids come with a large velcro, that ensures comfortable wear and removal of shoes without help from parents. Also, the velcro enables a lot of room for adjustment even in case your kids feet grow.
Apart from having a large velcro, these shoes come with straps that can be adjusted. This strap which stretches over the heel is critical when you are climbing. As and when your child’s feet grow you can loosen the belt, thus making it useful for a long time.

Tips for buying kids shoes:
Comfort is the critical element of a shoe, especially for kids. It is best to buy a shoe which is slightly big as it is more comfortable.
Wearing a sock will fill the extra space and also allows the kid’s feet to grow without having to worry about buying a new one after a year.
A tight fit shoe does not help in climbing and will become painful discouraging the kid from this activity.
A shoe should have a soft feel with some room for the toe movement.

Buying a climbing shoe for kids is simple, and all you have to do is find a fit that is comfortable to the feet and the child should be comfortable wearing it. The only other parameter that you should consider is the price and the quality. All kids products are made of high-quality construction and materials, but since the child will outgrow the shoe before it is torn you should consider what amount you are ready to pay.