Why You Should Hire A Professional Home Stager

People are often attracted to the idea of how something could be rather than what it really is. Many realtors work with professional stagers like Furniture Fitouts to get the perfect look to suit each house. According to www.hgtv.com, Home staging is showcasing the potential a property has, most likely to increase its marketability and market value. For realtors who are on the fence on whether they should hire a home stager or homeowners who are looking to add a little pizzazz to their staging before selling, here are a couple of points to convince you that hiring home stagers is the best thing you can do for your property.

The Internet came as a blessing to the way homes are bought and sold. A larger percentage of home buyers are beginning their search for a home online rather than at their local realtor’s office. This includes details about the house which are followed by photographs of the interiors and exteriors. In order to make a good impression, the photographs you post online must look professional, the house must be clean and neutrally decorated without any personal effects. Professional staging takes care of all three of these points by bringing in furniture and decor that suits the space in a way that appeals to a majority of home buyers.

Having a large collection of personal photos and taxidermy animals may not make everyone feel the most welcome. Staging can also take place for open houses and auctions where people may visit the house in person. A stager takes all of this into account when creating an open and inviting space for the masses. The furniture used for staging is hired over the course of a couple of days and any personal effects are put into storage. This also prevents theft or breakage of valuables and provides a sense of anonymity for the owner, especially if they are selling through an agent. Once the open house or auction is over, the furniture is taken back and the original furniture is returned to the owner.

Why Stage A Home?

When a buyer walks into a house, they often come to the conclusion of whether they want to buy the house or not before they even see all the features of the house. This first impression is so fast that it happens within the first ten seconds of walking into a house. Staging helps make that first impression a positive one. In a study conducted by the National Association of Realtors, it was found that staged homes often sell faster and at a higher price point than non-staged houses. In fact, the money spent on hiring professionals to stage the home is often recovered multiple times over in the sales price.

Next time, you are thinking about selling your house, hire an expert to stage it for you. If you’re still undecided whether you should or not, simple consider the benefits of the hire. You may not remember to take all your personal memorabilia or hide your pet’s food bowls. Hiring a professional who will pay attention to even the smallest details will help you relax and sell your house more effectively.